Risk Management in Games Dev – Simplified

August 2021

Risk management is essential for any project with any team size, big or small. Yet we tend to consider it as an afterthought in game development, whether we’re working as a small independent studio or as part of a larger professional organisation.

It’s often seen as boring, too complex, or just overkill when you have limited resources to dedicate to planning and project management.

Enter the IRM RMS – A simplified risk management standard that is so easy to understand that the whole thing fits into a 14 page guide. The key to any successful business process is that it can be understood and executed by all the stakeholders, and that they feel ownership and value from the process. The IRM RMS helps to achieve this by doing away with the mindboggling complexity of more common standards like ISO 31000.

Check out my essay on the IRM RMS to learn more!

The IRM Risk Management Standard in Software and Games Development – by Ashley Flynn The origin and history of the IRM Risk Management Standard, its major elements and its adoption for computer games development. https://bit.ly/3jOlqiy

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