Multi-threaded asynchronous database queries for games and simulations

August 2021

While creating Caelum Magna (a VR Star Map visualisation tool for the European Space Agency's Gaia satellite project, built using Amazon Lumberyard), I investigated optimal architectures for performing large volume high-speed simultaneous database queries, and streaming the resulting data into a 3D simulation in real-time.

I wrote the investigation and results up into a formal research paper, in the hope it will be useful to developers facing the same dilemma; how best to access and move millions of data points in and out of games and simulations in a high performance environment.

Check out the full paper here:

Multi-threaded asynchronous database queries for games and simulations – by Ashley Flynn Investigating the best implementation of process threading and asynchronous queries for the purpose of retrieving information from databases for games and simulations.

As part of the Caelum Magna project, I developed a Gem (a self-contained module) for the Amazon Lumberyard game engine, called PLY, that provides rapid asynchronous access to PostgreSQL database instances. Caelum Magna and PLY use the architecture described in the research paper. Both projects are available on GitHub under open-source licenses.

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